Kelly Hudik

I am a transplant from Northwest Ohio and have been in Kailua Kona for 15 years. I have a BA in Communications and worked for the County of Hawaii-Parks & Recreation Department, IRONMAN and started as PATH’s Chief Operations Officer in August after serving on the board for 4 years. 
After moving to the Island, I found the flourishing athletic community and began running, cycling, participating in the local Peaman & Mango Man events, Lavaman, Coffee Talk Riders and joined Hawaii Cycling Club.
I look forward to continuing the great work that PATH does and getting the word out about our wonderful programs!

Paul Burke

Paul is a life-long cyclist and organizes our education programs. Over the past 50 years, he has enjoyed mountain biking, road biking, bike commuting, bike touring and triathlons. Paul started working with PATH as a volunteer for our Bike Safety Education program for Hawaii Island elementary schools and immediately felt rewarded for his efforts.

“I was at Costco and two children from the class we taught thanked me for teaching them to ride safely. The appreciation shown by students and parents alike is overwhelming”, says Paul.