2020: Hawaii County Bikeshare by the Numbers

2020: Hawaii County Bikeshare by the Numbers

There’s no denying that 2020 took us all on a wild ride. And while “uncertainty” was a fitting word to describe much of the year, here on Hawai’i Island, there are a few things we’re certain of!

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and decrease in visitors to Hawai’i Island, Bikeshare ridership almost doubled in 2020. And during the peak of the pandemic, there were over 600 Bikeshare membership sign-ups in Hawai’i County!

In 2020, we saw Bikeshare rides split 50/50 between members and casual users, as compared to 2019, which was about 88% casual rides and 12% member rides. This year, the average trip duration for members was up 8 minutes from the 2019 average duration of 22:47.

A similar trend was reported on the island of Oahu, where Biki members produced longer ride durations, since members aren’t using Bikeshare strictly for commuting anymore, but for exercise and recreation as well. This suggests that social distancing restrictions have prompted users to bike more as they find cycling a safe (and enjoyable) socially distant activity.

Below are some more 2020 statistics on Big Island Bikeshare that we’re certain you’ll find interesting: *

7: The number of Hawaii Bikeshare stations in Kona, HI
4: The number of Hawaii Bikeshare stations in Hilo, HI
14, 739:  The total number of rides taken in 2020
6,471:  The total number of rides taken in 2020 by members
6,546:  The total number of rides taken in 2020 by casual users
7,655.5 hours:  The total duration of rides on Hawaii Bikeshare bikes in 2020
About 98,756 km:  The total distance covered on Hawaii Bikeshare bikes in 2020**
3,294:  The total number of unique Bikeshare riders in 2020
805:  The total number of Hawaii Bikeshare members in 2020.
2,489:  The total number of Bikeshare casual users in 2020.
 May 10: The day with the most rides in 2020; The number of rides that day were 144.
May, November, January: The top 3 months with the most rides in 2020; 2,328 rides in May, 1,470 rides in November, and 1,383 rides in January.
Sunday: The most popular day of the week to ride in 2020.
5 pm: The most popular time of the week to ride.
35:27:  The average overall duration of a ride in 2020.
31:08:  The average duration of a ride for registered members.
39:45:  The average duration of a ride for casual users in 2020. ***
$25 per month: The cost of Unlimited 60 minute rides with the Bikeshare Subscription Plan

$15 per month: The cost of Unlimited 30 minute rides with the Bikeshare Subscription Plan

$20: The cost of a one-time Free spirit purchase of 300 minutes to use whenever you like.

$3.50: The cost of a one-time Single 30-minute ride.

$60:  The cost of a monthly Hawaii Country MT pass.

$0.00!!!  The cost of mostly Bikeshare membership for Hawaii MT pass holders.

MT annual membership and Bikeshare membership in one! 

No, we didn’t miscalculate our end of year numbers – Mass Transit monthly pass holders really don’t pay a cent for the monthly Bikeshare membership!

Monthly County of Hawaii Mass Transit Agency (COH MT) pass holders will receive an order form to sign up for free monthly Bikeshare Membership. Once you sign up, you’ll be sent a Bikeshare Membership card in the mail. Pass holders can then use the card to unlock bikes for an unlimited number of 60-minute Bikeshare rides per month!

Hele-On, Ride On Hawai’i!?

Yes, Bikeshare Membership really is FREE to all interested Hele-On pass holders.

When you become a Mass Transit monthly pass holders, you also get daily ride time (good for your health and your wallet)!

In conjunction with using the bus, you can use the Bikeshare System and hop on one of our bikes for free. It’s a great transportation option for the first or last mile of your commute to work, school, or just for fun and fitness!

How to Purchase Mass Transit Passes

You can find information on purchasing monthly MT passes here: www.heleonbus.org/hele-on-fares

Hele-On monthly passes are good for unlimited bus rides on all bus routes. Monthly passes are available for purchase here: ?

Mo’oheau Bus Terminal Information Center, 329 Kamehemeha Avenue, Hilo, HI 96720

(808) 969-3163.

Or by mail using this form: www.heleonbus.org/transit-info-and-statistics/Bus%20Pass-ticket%20order%20form.pdf

As we start 2021, stay safe out there, smile… and get ready to Hele-On and Ride on into the new year!

*From January 1 to November 30, 2020.

**Grace period trips removed. A grace period trip is when the user returns the bike within 30 seconds of release because of unfamiliarity with the release process of the bike, desiring to switch to a different bike, or other reasons. 

***In addition to the grace period trips, any trip exceeding 5 hours was removed from total or average trip duration calculations since 5 hours ride time is the maximum any plan has to offer. To find the total distance, the average distance travelled calculation methodology of NACTO in which they assumed an average speed of 8mph or 12.9kmh was adopted (This is a rough estimation).