PATH Programs and Projects

PATH Programs and Projects

Our community benefits from the fun, practicality and efficiency of biking and walking.  These activities bring people together, strengthen friendships, and improve health. Local stores see more business and the slower pace helps emphasize the beauty of our island. Why are you still reading this? Go to the links below, find a path or bike route and get out there. There’s a lot to see.

Hiking & Walking

Hawaii Island has incredibly varied environments. Have you hiked in them all? We’ve listed some of our favorite hikes just for you. Beautiful waterfalls? Check. Dramatic lava fields? Yep. Lush rain forest greenery? Absolutely. Rolling grasslands? Oh, yeah. Get out and see what’s here!

Hawaii Island Hikes

Bike Routes

Our island is home to a passionate cycling community because of the amazing routes available. Take a look at these selected bike routes for riders of different skill levels. If you’re daring, you’ll notice they all link together for a trip that circles the entire island!

Hawaii Island Bike Routes

Current Projects

PATH works with our Hawaii Island ohana to improve our communities and create opportunities for bikes and pedestrians. Thanks to hard work from volunteers, generous organizations and dedicated government representatives we’ve made great progress. Thanks everyone!

Current PATH Projects





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