Jolene Head

Jolene Head along with her husband Dr. Jacob Head moved to Hawaii in 2007 when they purchased Keauhou Veterinary Clinic and turned it into  Keauhou Veterinary Hospital.  Jolene grew up in Montana doing all things outdoors.  Her husband was born and raised right here in Kona. They decided to make this their home to raise their 3 children.  Being a parent and business owner in the community Jolene knew the importance to be involved and giving back and she set out to do just that.

Jolene is an avid runner and has participated in countless local races, including, the Lavaman Triathlon, local and regional 5K, 10K, 1/2 marathons (Hapalua , Kona, Hilo and Volcano), and the Honolulu marathon. She donates her time every year to GEMS: Girls Exploring Math and Science and serves on other boards in our community. Together with her husband, kids and staff you can often find her sponsoring and volunteering at local events and races. In addition to being a full time mom and practice owner, Jolene writes a weekly column style ad each week in the West Hawii Today filled with funny stories, and helpful pet tips.

Jolene and her family have been involved with PATH for 12 years in some form or fashion. She believes in the mission and the importance of having safe places to enjoy this beautiful community. Safe routes to school and the Bike Education Program are near and dear to her heart having seen the importance first hand with her own children. Jolene says “PATH plays such a big role in this community and through its grass roots efforts it is actively creating the kind of community we can all be active in and proud of.