Derinda Thatcher

A transplant from the Rocky Mountains in Canada, Kona has been my home since 1990.  My 2 careers and life have revolved around helping people, first in the medical field and now in Real Estate.  My philosophy is simple, giving back to the community is key in creating a good, meaningful life and a great place to live!

My interest in having safe areas for healthy activities such as walking, running, bike riding or for the children of our community to learn bike skills and have safe routes to school, aligns with the mission of the PATH organization.   As a parent, grandparent, walker, bike rider, I appreciate the work and progress that PATH has made within the community toward bike safety, motorist awareness, creating pathways and future planning of safe trails for public use.  As a Realtor, my knowledge of land development and subdivision creation I hope will benefit PATH as the organization grows and works to safely connect people and places.